Mac vs. Pc, Apple vs Microsoft

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As you know, the advancement of computers in this day and age is absolutely incredible. From tv on phones to computers that can almost do anything, it can leave a person not to equpped in the technology era, lost. Thats why im here. I lived the PC life for a long time. As anyone who has a pc, you realize that they are not the most reliable machines. Constant crashing, freezing, and errors in a computer language you cant even begin to decipher plague the PC audience. But why do people continue to buy pcs?, because they are everywhere. Most consumers buy a pc because thats what everyone has. Thats what is most compatible with up and coming technology. I was one of these people back in the day. Until my friend got a Apple Ibook G4 mac laptop. (dont be scared by the name, the Ibook is the name of the laptop and G4 means 4th generation….see its not that hard) The way this laptop worked was incredible. Everything was seemless and ever laptop is bundled with iLife, a bunch of programs bounded together to seemlessly work with each other. These programs include iPhoto (self explanatory) iMovie and iDVD for making movies and dvds, Garageband for making and recording music, and iWeb for making websites. If you bought programs for a PC to do what these programs do, i can only imagine that bucks you’d spend finding the right program. But yes, the macs come with them out of the box. There is hardly a thing as a virus on a mac, bc viruses are not written in mac code, only code for a pc. I have yet to have mine freeze and ive had it for 15 months. The screen display is downright amazing and i’ve never had a compatibility issue. There is microsoft office for a mac so you pc users, dont be worried. If your thinking about buying a new computer, i would highly suggest looking into a mac. I’m very picky and impatient with my computers and this laptop has yet to irritate me.

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