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Mac vs. Pc, Apple vs Microsoft

Posted on March 18, 2007. Filed under: apple mac mac+vs+pc ibook iLife |

As you know, the advancement of computers in this day and age is absolutely incredible. From tv on phones to computers that can almost do anything, it can leave a person not to equpped in the technology era, lost. Thats why im here. I lived the PC life for a long time. As anyone who has a pc, you realize that they are not the most reliable machines. Constant crashing, freezing, and errors in a computer language you cant even begin to decipher plague the PC audience. But why do people continue to buy pcs?, because they are everywhere. Most consumers buy a pc because thats what everyone has. Thats what is most compatible with up and coming technology. I was one of these people back in the day. Until my friend got a Apple Ibook G4 mac laptop. (dont be scared by the name, the Ibook is the name of the laptop and G4 means 4th generation….see its not that hard) The way this laptop worked was incredible. Everything was seemless and ever laptop is bundled with iLife, a bunch of programs bounded together to seemlessly work with each other. These programs include iPhoto (self explanatory) iMovie and iDVD for making movies and dvds, Garageband for making and recording music, and iWeb for making websites. If you bought programs for a PC to do what these programs do, i can only imagine that bucks you’d spend finding the right program. But yes, the macs come with them out of the box. There is hardly a thing as a virus on a mac, bc viruses are not written in mac code, only code for a pc. I have yet to have mine freeze and ive had it for 15 months. The screen display is downright amazing and i’ve never had a compatibility issue. There is microsoft office for a mac so you pc users, dont be worried. If your thinking about buying a new computer, i would highly suggest looking into a mac. I’m very picky and impatient with my computers and this laptop has yet to irritate me.

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The Extremely Controversial Gay Marriage

Posted on March 18, 2007. Filed under: controversial |

Before i start, props to my man in AZ at ASU for providing me with a controversial topic. Ok so anywhere i go, not everytime but sometimes, the gay marriage topic comes about. Should it be allowed? Is gay marriage legitimate in our society? Is it ok for our future generation to grow up in an environment where people embrace a lifestyle that initially wasn’t meant for this earth? (going back to adam and eve) I cant say im totally anti or pro-gay because then i’d be lying. But i’ve faced reality. The population of gay americans has risen in the years and im sure its on the rise for many more. They aren’t going anywhere and obviously if your any way inteligent, you see that they really dont give a shit what you think about them. I personally think thats bad ass that they have the courage to “come out of the closet” and be proud and confident in what they are and not care about anyones reaction. I’m 100% straight as an arrow and i think the way gay people get down is downright gross. But its not me, its them, so i guess i cant worry about it too much. I grew up not knowing too much about gay people at all and i think as you grow up from the younger years, gay people can have an affect on you when your maturing. Just think back to the years when you were little and you were searching for answers about anything from batman to your mom’s victoria secret magazine. (yes, im talking young years here) I dont agree with kids having to grow up in a society where gayness is openly accepted when its against many religions and seen as a sin…something i dont agree with. I dont think gay people should raise a child because i think, as of now, that a kid should grow up with a mom and dad, that is, a male and female role model. Kids without two parents, dont get offended. Im not calling abnormal or anthing of that nature but i think two of the same sex raising a child is not really good for that kids development. I could honestly go on forever but noone will read this if its too long. Let me know what your opinion is about this controversial topic and if you want, i’ll write more about it. let me know.
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Do you think my punishment was well deserved?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: punishment |

Just so happens that one day my parents went down the shore to fix up a house we’ve been renting. I went to the park to play some hockey and on my way back, i told my brother i would pick him up from where he was. When we got close to home, he asked me if he could drive. Yes as soon as he said this, i weighed the pros and cons, and realized the cons were overwhelming. “My parents will kill me. What if he messes up the car? What if he hits another car? What if someone sees us? What happens if a cop sees us?” I could go on for days on how many ways this can turn out wrong. As you probably already predicted, it turned out wrong. Why else would I write about it. Turns out, i let him drive my car not even a block to my house. As he turns into the little court dead end thing in front of my house, one of my mom’s good friends is pulling out of a neighbors driveway. My brother almost hits her. Almost. I thought i just got off the hook. I thought I escaped death. When i come home the next day, i get my ass chewed out, and so does my brother. My mom’s friend told her, and now that i think about it, i dont blame her. She was looking out for us in a motherly way. So i got 2 weeks with no car and no where to go. All for letting my brother drive for 15 seconds. What do you guys think about that?

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What did you guys think of the movie 300?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: 300, Movie |

The day it came out, me and my pops went to go see it. I thought it was flat out awesome. I had heard that the creator of this movie was also involved with sin city, a movie that seemed to me based a lot on animation. Since i haven’t seen Sin City yet, 300 was my first movie with that type of directing. Must i say, it was awesome. I wont go into to much detail for anyone who reads this and hasn’t seen it yet. I highly suggest you see it if you haven’t already.

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Is there an explanation for women?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: Women |

Like every other guy out there, i try, try, and try again to figure out women. When i think i’ve come close to developing some type of philosophy for women and their actions, they do something out of this world and send me in a whole other direction. For instance, why do girls constantly talk behind each others backs? It astonishes me when one girl will leave and the rest of her “friends” will gossip anything they can think of about that particular person. When she returns, they all are once again, best friends. As a guy, i find it near impossible to talk about a good friend behind their back, because i think its cowardly. But is it cowardly for a girl to do that, or is it just the way they are? Is something like that supposed to be acceptable just because they are “girls”? I was wondering if any girls could hook me up with some group of words and call it an explanation, i dont care. Just something legit.

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