Do you think my punishment was well deserved?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: punishment |

Just so happens that one day my parents went down the shore to fix up a house we’ve been renting. I went to the park to play some hockey and on my way back, i told my brother i would pick him up from where he was. When we got close to home, he asked me if he could drive. Yes as soon as he said this, i weighed the pros and cons, and realized the cons were overwhelming. “My parents will kill me. What if he messes up the car? What if he hits another car? What if someone sees us? What happens if a cop sees us?” I could go on for days on how many ways this can turn out wrong. As you probably already predicted, it turned out wrong. Why else would I write about it. Turns out, i let him drive my car not even a block to my house. As he turns into the little court dead end thing in front of my house, one of my mom’s good friends is pulling out of a neighbors driveway. My brother almost hits her. Almost. I thought i just got off the hook. I thought I escaped death. When i come home the next day, i get my ass chewed out, and so does my brother. My mom’s friend told her, and now that i think about it, i dont blame her. She was looking out for us in a motherly way. So i got 2 weeks with no car and no where to go. All for letting my brother drive for 15 seconds. What do you guys think about that?


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6 Responses to “Do you think my punishment was well deserved?”

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All i have to say is HA. I think this is halarious. My sister never let me breathe on her car let alone drive it. Youre retarted. But now that your both safe and punished I think you can laugh about it. Years from now youll have a great story to tell. Dont be so retarted next time jim.

dude that sucks so bad ive driven so many times with out the big l i hope they let you off early

hahaha dude thats funny as hell, your madd dumb and you would do sumthin like that

i dont consider it a dumb action, just wanted to teach my brother how to drive, not like it was on a main road or anything

yeah thats true, im not gonna lie my dumbass would have done the same thing

I think you deserved your punishment. you are older so you should have been more responsible. if i did that i would not have just got grounded my punishment would have been much worse!!

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