Is there an explanation for women?

Posted on March 16, 2007. Filed under: Women |

Like every other guy out there, i try, try, and try again to figure out women. When i think i’ve come close to developing some type of philosophy for women and their actions, they do something out of this world and send me in a whole other direction. For instance, why do girls constantly talk behind each others backs? It astonishes me when one girl will leave and the rest of her “friends” will gossip anything they can think of about that particular person. When she returns, they all are once again, best friends. As a guy, i find it near impossible to talk about a good friend behind their back, because i think its cowardly. But is it cowardly for a girl to do that, or is it just the way they are? Is something like that supposed to be acceptable just because they are “girls”? I was wondering if any girls could hook me up with some group of words and call it an explanation, i dont care. Just something legit.

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4 Responses to “Is there an explanation for women?”

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I basically agree with you which is why most girls annoy me too much to be friends with…but let’s face it, guys have an equal amount of problems most of the time. Not along the same lines but they can be pretty lousy too, and girls definitely win the shallow award.

i definately agree that guys are lousy too…im not ignoring that fact, just wondering about the girl part…but thanks for the post

Girls are more insecure than guys are. Usually when girls talk behind each others back it could be because they are trying to make someone else look bad to make themselves better. Girls are always in competetion with each other, friends or not, its a subconscious thing. If a girl hears of her friend doing something that she personally isnt comfortable doing, she could go and call her a slut but that is only to try and justify why she doesnt do the same thing. Then there are those girls who like it when people talk badly about them to get attention. I dont understand that but it is part of todays world. What you say about people and what they say about shape your reputation and peoples opinion of you which is something that matters to girls, guys try and pretend that they dont care what people think of them but I belive that a small part of eveyone does. (That may have made no sense at all)

no that makes perfect sense, and i think thats one of the first legit explanations for women that i’ve ever heard…something i was looking for, thanks

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