The Extremely Controversial Gay Marriage

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Before i start, props to my man in AZ at ASU for providing me with a controversial topic. Ok so anywhere i go, not everytime but sometimes, the gay marriage topic comes about. Should it be allowed? Is gay marriage legitimate in our society? Is it ok for our future generation to grow up in an environment where people embrace a lifestyle that initially wasn’t meant for this earth? (going back to adam and eve) I cant say im totally anti or pro-gay because then i’d be lying. But i’ve faced reality. The population of gay americans has risen in the years and im sure its on the rise for many more. They aren’t going anywhere and obviously if your any way inteligent, you see that they really dont give a shit what you think about them. I personally think thats bad ass that they have the courage to “come out of the closet” and be proud and confident in what they are and not care about anyones reaction. I’m 100% straight as an arrow and i think the way gay people get down is downright gross. But its not me, its them, so i guess i cant worry about it too much. I grew up not knowing too much about gay people at all and i think as you grow up from the younger years, gay people can have an affect on you when your maturing. Just think back to the years when you were little and you were searching for answers about anything from batman to your mom’s victoria secret magazine. (yes, im talking young years here) I dont agree with kids having to grow up in a society where gayness is openly accepted when its against many religions and seen as a sin…something i dont agree with. I dont think gay people should raise a child because i think, as of now, that a kid should grow up with a mom and dad, that is, a male and female role model. Kids without two parents, dont get offended. Im not calling abnormal or anthing of that nature but i think two of the same sex raising a child is not really good for that kids development. I could honestly go on forever but noone will read this if its too long. Let me know what your opinion is about this controversial topic and if you want, i’ll write more about it. let me know.
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